Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Road Back To Vampires

I’m prejudiced. I admit it. I’ve tried to fight it for over two years, but can’t. When I feel a joke dancing on the tip of my tongue, I can’t help it. I gotta let ‘er rip.
I hate vampires. I don’t even want to talk about them, watch a movie with them in it, nothing.
I used to love them. Who didn’t? Vamps were scary, sexy, and deadly. They “vanted to suck our blood.” Now they are lovers not fighters. They feed on squirrels instead of lurking in alleyways for unsuspecting victims. They sparkle.
But no matter how much I hate vamps, they are not going away. I recently started a group blog with two friends of mine called Ready, Aim, Hook Me. We give writers the opportunity to test out their completed manuscripts or published novels. If they hook us with the first five pages, we’ll ask for more. If they keep us hooked, will give them a review on smashwords or amazon. The submissions we pass on will receive feedback privately—no negative review posted online. The blog is doing far better than we imagined, and we’re already overwhelmed with submissions. We’ve received varied genres and thankfully, not one vampire book.
How long will this last? Will I be vamp free forever? I doubt it.
I need to find a way to come to terms with vamps again. I need to forgive them for turning on me and I think I have a plan.
I checked out a vamp book from the library called The Passage by Justin Cronin.
When a top-secret government experiment is accidentally unleashed on an unsuspecting public, the world is forever changed. Almost overnight, the majority of the population has been ravaged and transformed into bloodthirsty vampires. In search of refuse, FBI agent Brad Wolgast takes six-year-old orphan Amy Harper Bellafonte under his wing. However, for Amy, the nightmare has only begun.
No high school. No sparkles. FBI agent. The author has a lot of pressure on him. Can you feel it Justin? I’m hoping his version of vampires washes away the bubblegum version occupying my brain. Will he succeed? I’ll keep you posted.
Are you prejudiced too? What genres or literary figures have you turned your back on? Weres? Fairies? Dragons?


Tracy said...

I can understand the vampire overload, though I don't really suffer from it myself. I love the darned things. I've read everything from the tragically tormented Anne Rice Vampires to Stephen King's "Lot" to the out-of-control-bad-children ALA The Lost Boys, and I'm pretty comfortable with vamps as evil corspes or love interests.

But the fallen angel thing creeps me out, so I can kind of sympathize.

Neil said...


I completely agree with you - the vampire thing has been done to death. Especially with all these teen vampire 'lite' stories.

Coincidentally, I've also just begun reading the Passage and am enjoying it enormously.

Joanne said...

Vampires are becoming the norm and the norm gets boring. This too will pass.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Fortunately I've avoided the rash of YA vampire books, although I enjoy adult vampire stories. I'm tired of teen angst though. But I'll never tire of dragons!

Vicki Tremper said...

That book sounds promising. Keep us posted.

acey said...

the passage has a very different take on vamps. I'm only 3/4 the way finished but it is a very enjoyable book

Rosemary Gemmell said...

I don't really read vampire stories but I did enjoy Twilight! I think the original Dracula novel, like the original Frankenstein novel, does it best.

Anonymous said...

I've felt the same way about vamps recently... and dragons (I don't know why - I don't read that many books with dragons in them), and I've gotten just a bit burnt out on YA as well. I did enjoy The Historian, which is a dracula novel, so if The Passage doesn't work for you maybe The Historian will :)

Angela Felsted said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sick of vamps myself. This idea of yours for mastering the art of hooking is genius IMO.

Oh, and I'm your newest follower.

Crystal Collier said...

Yeah... I pine for the old days. *sigh* Now Zombies, there's a subject that will never get old. (Ha!)

Angela Scott said...

I agree with Crystal! Zombies are awesome! Vampires suck (pun). Hee,hee,hee.

Hey I tagged you on my blog! You're it.

Juliana L. Brandt said...

I completely agree with you on vampires. After reading Amelia Atwater-Rhodes novels in high school, nothing else could quite compare (she got the vampires are dangerous thing right). You'll have to let me know if The Passage is any good.

p.s. I'm here from Angela's blog!

Elisabeth Hirsch said...

I can't wait to hear your review of this book!