Monday, May 30, 2011

How Many Hook’ers Like Your Book?

Call for submissions! 
Two friends of mine roped me into another blog. I was reluctant at first until we came up with a fun concept that will benefit writers in more ways than just the standard “how to write a query” blog. We wanna be hooked.
 If you have a COMPLETED manuscript ready for a hard look, we’re your girls. If you have a published novel begging for a review, then we’re your girls. The only catch is you have to hook us to get the review. If two out of three hook’ers like your novel we’ll give you a review on Smashwords, your blog, where ever.
It won’t be easy. We are impatient, busy, and picky. The good thing is you have nothing to lose. We won’t post negative reviews or reveal identities of authors. It’s a great opportunity to test out your manuscript before publishing. Who couldn’t use another pair of eyes?
We are not experts. We are three women with opinions and a passion for writing and reading. Not only is this a great tool for writers to test their work out on tough beta readers, it is a way for readers to discover a hidden gem they might’ve missed.
Self-pubbed authors, traditional, undecided . . . take a chance. Hook us. Check out the submission guidelines at Ready, Aim, Hook Me


Elisabeth Hirsch said...

Great new blog. It looks awesome!

Rosemary Gemmell said...

What a lovely idea, Diana. The only other complete book I have at the moment is being read by an agent, so I'll not take you up on your wonderful offer. But I hope other writers do!