Thursday, June 30, 2011

Must Write . . . But When?

The one chapter I would always skip in writing books was the chapter on making time to write. Why do we need to be reminded of this? Hell-o? Just write already.
That was the old me. I’m feeling a bit differently now. I just returned to full time work after nearly eight years as a stay at home mom. In the two weeks since I started the eight to five grind, I’ve written nada. Granted, I’ve moved back to my home state and into my mother’s house, but still you’d think I could find some time.
I’ve written two blogs though. I should get some points for that at least, right?
I used to write at night when I put the kids to bed, but now I’m so tired I can’t seem to write anything except a stupid post on facebook about how cold my office is.
Get up early you say. Kiss that plan goodbye. I am not a happy riser. That’s just not gonna happen. So I guess I’m screwed. No more writing for me. It was fun while it lasted.
Here’s the part where you help me. Shoot me comments full of working writer’s wisdom. I want to know how to best use my time. I’d go find one of my fav writing books and look up the chapter I skipped on this topic, but I’m too tired and have to get up and start the workday all over again.
*Note: all comments about waking up early will get an eye roll or a finger. Just ain’t gonna happen.


L. Diane Wolfe said...

I have mastered the write ten minutes here and ten minutes there method! I just so rarely have an hour or two in one stretch to write.

Sari Webb said...

I agree with Diane on this one. If you can find even ten minutes, set a ten minute timer and just write. You'll be surprised how much you can get done in ten minutes, and even if it is only a little, at least you wrote!

Anonymous said...

I once read that keeping track of how you spend your time for a week will help. Then you can target pointless things that can be replaced with writing. Good luck finding time! :)

Jolene said...

You definitely get points for the blog posts - BIG points :) What you're doing is amazing. Seriously. Amazing. I don't have advice, but I have a heap of: "Yay you!" and "You can do it - woohoo!"

Elisabeth Hirsch said...

I really like the idea of writing ten minutes here and ten minutes there. After Trey and Indy were born I would write during tumbling. That was pretty much my only time to write. Maybe you can write during lunch and for a few minutes after work?

Anonymous said...

Here's my brilliant advice. Breathe.. Get settled into your new surroundings. Get a routine and before long you will find the time you need to get er done. Love your face. Miss you.