Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rach Writes Platform Building: Are you in?

When I first started blogging, I was fortunate to get involved in Rach Writes Platform Building or "Crusade". It is a great opportunity to meet other writers and bloggers and support each other.

Pop on over and check it out. Hope to see ya there!

Here it is in Rachel's own words:

"There are so many of us out there. Aspiring authors, bloggers (whether established or beginning), industry peeps, even published authors, all of whom want to build their online platforms. We write insightful posts and articles, actively blog within the blogosphere, take part in challenges, competitions, and contests galore.

We have the passion and the drive to make it, but…we could all do with a bit of support.

So I started thinking. What if we link all these people together? What if we create a way to meet people in a similar position, people who genuinely want to help build our online platform while at the same time building theirs? People who want to pay it forward in the spirit of writerly writerness and blogging beautificity (and see it come back to them in turn).

And so, my Writers’ Platform-Building Campaign was born."

Click here to head right to her site. 


Louise Wise said...

Hi, I'm in the campaign too. I put my name down to be in the second, but life pooped on me :( and I couldn't follow it through!

Let's hope life is kinder and I make it through this one!

I want to meet other writers of my genre, and I see you had your name down in the women's fiction section so hope we can become buddies. ;)

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Diana - need to think about it as I'm already feeling burnt out online some days!

Poppy Taylor said...

Hi! I'm a fellow campaigner! This is my first campaign but it's such a good idea, I knew I had to take part! Nice to 'meet' you! :)

Jennifer Chase said...

Hello! I'm a new campaigner. Nice to meet you all.

J.L. Campbell said...

I signed on again this time. Looking forward to meeting new people and reconnecting with others.

Diana said...

Thanks for popping by. I look forward to following new people and revisiting old. ;)

Tina DC Hayes said...

I'm in again, too. It's so much fun getting to know other writers.

ElizaCross said...

Hi, Diana - I'm in your group in the Platform-Building campaign and am looking forward to connecting with you!