Sunday, March 4, 2012

Just Nonesense Blogfest

As a writer, I rely on all my senses to bring my stories to life. But what if I didn’t have one of those senses? What if I lost one of the most important of all?

A good friend of mine has struggled with diabetes since she was a young child. Diabetes has been rough on her body. Last year she had surgery to try and save one of her eyes, but it wasn’t successful and now, whatever sight she had left is dwindling.

I can’t imagine her fear—her anger. But, she is in remarkable spirits. One of our mutual friends took the initiative and published several of her blog posts into a book called, Just Nonesense by Melynda Fleury.


Melynda has already lived quite a live and never hold back on anything she does. Her mouth tends to always get her in trouble, which is great for more of her hilarious blog posts. She's always dreamed of becoming a writer, and although her path isn't quite what she imagined, she is a great writer with lots of stories to tell. 

Already her book is doing fantastic with less than a week of sales. With medical costs mounting and the need for talking diabetic monitors, she could use the money. She may not be able to read her own book, but maybe you can. Or, check her out at her blog: CrazyWorld



Rosemary Gemmell said...

Wonderful idea - I'll go and check it out. I love hearing about someone who refuses to let such a terrible event hold her back!

Diana said...

I have been having problems commenting on my blog and other blogspot blogs. Hopefully, the pop up window will work. . .

testing, testing

Diana said...

aha! It worked. If anyone else is having trouble try the pop up window for comments.

Anyway, my friend is very lucky to realize one of her dreams. So happy for her.

The Golden Eagle said...

I posted about her book, too. :)