Thursday, April 28, 2011

Assessment Test For My Blog Readers: Can't Be Too Careful

My husband has been applying and interviewing for jobs lately and nearly all of the companies require an assessment test to move on to the final stages. These tests consist of math story problems and then a personality test. Apparently, it is very important for these companies to know if my husband would chose to be a florist or a miner or if he’d like to operate a miniature railroad—both questions were on the test and I believe he'd make an excellent miniature railroad operator. 
I thought since this is the “must” thing in the word of employment, I had better jump on board.
I’ve developed a comprehensive test for my blog readers. If it is important for employers, then it is important for me too. I want to know what kind of people y’all are. So for those of you who are good sports and answer my questions I will put your blog in my blog roll. Unless of course you fail miserably, then I will mock you on Twitter and Facebook without exceeding my 140 characters.
Here goes…
1)    Would you rather be Edward Cullen or Jacob (aka I gots some abs werewolf dude)?
a.    Edward
b.    Jacob
c.    I’d rather poke my eye out than be either (hint: this is the right answer)

2)    When you dress, do you put one sock, one shoe on OR both socks then your shoes?
a.    Sock, shoe, sock, shoe
b.    Socks then shoes
c.    Who wears socks, I don’t like to conform to society’s rules.

3)    When I read blogs, I skim through the content and just answer the question at the end.
a.    Never
b.    Some of the time
c.    All of the time

4)    If I were a punctuation mark, I would be a:
a.    Exclamation point
b.    A comma
c.    A question mark

5)    Do you daydream about humans on Mars?
      a.    Yes
b.    No
c.    I am from Mars

6)    If I were a popsicle I would:
a.    Be an all fruit natural type
b.    Be sugar free
c.    Be filled with vanilla ice cream

7)    Would you rather be an interior decorator or a truck driver?
a.    Interior decorator
b.    Truck driver
c.    I don’t like to be tied down to steady work

8)    When a new writer asks me to read their stuff, I:
a.    Volunteer right away
b.    Make up an excuse
c.    Do it reluctantly

9)    A book I would like to see made into a movie is:
a.    Amelia Bedielia Drives a Car
b.    Ender’s Game
c.    That one that starts at a funeral and ends up with the female MC marrying the town hot tamale.

10) If I walked across the road I would:
a.    Follow the chicken
b.    Look both ways
c.    Walk really fast

Thank you for all you brave blog readers for completing my comprehensive psychological test. I will have the results to you shortly and for all those who commented, make sure I have a link to your blog so I can pop you in my blog roll. I will be stopping by and I hope some of my other readers do too. (please make sure you are following me if you want me to advertise your blog)


Ryan Sullivan said...

1) c

2) b

3) b

4) c

5) b

6) c

7) b

8) a

9) b

10) c

Sarah McCabe said...

Oh, how fun!

1. Definitely C. I might also be willing to chop a limb off to avoid them.

2. I generally put on my socks long before my shoes. Though in warm months I like to wander around barefoot.

3. I read the content, if it interests me. If it doesn't interest me I don't bother commenting.

4. Question mark. Definitely.

5. No. It doesn't seem like a very pleasant place for humans to be.

6. I'm a strawberry fruit bar.

7. I don't like having a job other than being a mom. Though if I had to chose between those two I'd go with interior decorator.

8. I've not been asked to read anyone's writing yet. If it happens, I'll gladly read anything in the fantasy genre. I'd be more reluctant with anything else.

9. Amelia Bedelia would be hilarious. But the one I'd really like to see adapted (if they can stick somewhat to the books) is the Chronicles of Amber series by Roger Zelazny. Particularly the first five book that revolve around the character of Corwin.

10. All of the above, if by "the chicken" you mean my husband. ;)

Mary said...

LOL! This is is fun!

1)c, 2)c (although if wearing socks, it's socks then shoes) 3)b 4)a 5) b 6)c 7)c (even though I recently took a full time job I love!) 8)a 9)b 10) d (as in all of the above!)

Sierra Gardner said...

I'll be looking for jobs soon as well so maybe I should start checking out those questionnaires! As for yours, here are my answers =)

1) C




5)A (or at least, I will now)







Elisabeth Hirsch said...

I LOVE this :) But my favorite questions are 4(a) and 9(b) I'd love to find out your answers to these questions ;) I wonder if I could guess what you'd pick. Here are my guesses for your answers *giggles*
7 ummm . . . none

How close am I?

Anonymous said...

1. c-- although, I wish I did have more toned abs.
2. b
3. b
4. a but I probably have that confused look on my face often so I should probably stick with the question mark. A girl can hope, right? ;)
5. b
6. a
7. a
8. c--- only because you didn't have d: none of the above.
9. b
10. c

*Sweaty palms*

Anonymous said...

Really? I always fail test! Better be glad it's you Lady Di or I'd lay the smack down. lol
1 a def C
2 B or C depends on the weather
3 A unless I'm about to have massive diarea then I'm a skimmin
4. I'm a comextion mark
5 C... Yes def C
6 not to be repetitive but C
7 I pick D. was there a D? There should have been a D. I'm so failing this test!
8. I read it. I may roll my Simon Cowell eyes but by George I read it!
9 Mine but that wasn't an option yet.
10 A I would follow the chicken. After all he has been crossing for years. If anyones gonna make it it's the chicken. Unless we are going to KFC. NO after crossing promises there.
Miss you lady

LTM said...

Are you trying to trick us? Is this really a test??? OK, just in case, here's my answers...
1-C. I'm happy being a girl.
2-C. I'm either in flippies or barefoot. Yep, it's like that.
4-A. or sometimes C?
5-G. ... that spontaneously happened, and I'm going with it. :D
6-D. Be filled with *chocolate* ice cream.
7-Is there a letter for both, b/c I think they both sound kinda fun...
8-I dodge until I know them better... I'm just sayin...
9-C. Is that like four funerals and a wedding???
10-B. God, do you KNOW how many times I've said this to my children? I look both ways in my sleep~ :D <3

J.C. Martin said...

This is fun! I love quizzes like this!

1) C - I'd like the abs, but not the fur and dog breath
2) B
3) B
4) C
5) B
6) C - and chocolate covered!
7) A - *koff* writer!
8) A - it really depends on what genre they write and how long a piece of work they expect me to read.
9) B

J.L. Campbell said...

Interesting questions.
1) c.
2) c.
3) a. I'd rather not comment than jump to the end to talk about myself.
4) b.
5) c
6) c
7) b. Truck driving has gotta be more interesting than sitting at a desk.
8) a. Volunteer right away isn't exactly accurate. I do it because I was at that point once.
9) c.
10) c.